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Welcome to Booking on World Network, the instant online booking portal for tourist facilities (hotels, residences, bed and breakfasts, hostels, cottages, apartments and other accommodations). belongs to the international reservation group Booking on World.
The following general conditions apply when using our Instant Online Booking Hotel B&B System.
The portal allows one to view informative pages concerning the selected accommodation, access descriptive texts, check availability, and instantly make easy online reservations.
Booking Hotel B&B on World provides a convenient bridge between supply and demand in tourism. So, we are not a “travel agency”, but a safe and reliable  site which allows tourist facilities to publicize their accommodations on the web in order to acquire new customers and allows users to book online instantly, fast and safely.

Research accommodation a location chosen
Our home page has a vast amount of helpful information available that can be accessed by: indicating ones destination, arrival and departure date, expected amount of people, and the number of rooms one wants to book.  After this information has been provided the user can simply click the Search button in order to view a list of accommodations that meet the stated criteria.
At this point the accommodation that the user selects is retrieved from our online reservation system and by clicking the "View" button one can view the selected property, the photography gallery, descriptions of the desired accommodation, and prices.
If the structure found accommodates your needs, select the number of rooms you would like to book, (giving special attention to the different services available: BB (bed and breakfast), HB (half board) and FB (full board). In some cases, breakfast will not be included with board. Please read all details with attention.
After clicking on “book” the user can gain access to their reservation. The client can find the appropriate form to fill out next to the summary of the reservation. The client must provide all personal information and their credit card number. Before payment is rendered please read the terms of cancellation carefully. After clicking the button "confirm payment", your reservation will be completed.
Credit card details are required for the payment and guarantee of the reservation (12% of the total). This reservation deposit is non-refundable.

The remaining reservation price can be paid directly upon ones arrival to ones selected accommodation as specified. Full or partial payment must be paid directly to the chosen facility according to their specifications; any additional services or fees provided to the client for specific services rendered will be determined by the providing facility. Booking Hotel B&B on World encourages all users to check with the chosen facility in order to obtain detailed payment information and conditions. In this regard Booking Hotel B&B On World is not responsible for any changes deemed obligatory according to the facility selected by the client.
All data is sent via a secure server to ensure confidentiality of the transmitted data.
Upon booking you will receive a confirmation message to your mail with the details of your reservation.

After booking through us, a personal account  will be activated to the client  with personal “User ID" and user "password”.  The usesr would then be able to view the status of their reservation.
The registered user is solely responsible for the custody of password or personal profile in the account. In this regard, the user agrees to notify immediately to us  about any unauthorized use of the account. Any failure in the preservation and custody of ones personal password will be the sole responsibility of the user therefore releasing Booking Hotel B&B On World from any and all liability regarding the aforementioned matter.
We recommend one always checks the status of ones reservat in theaccount, and print a copy of said reservation to give to the selected facility, upon ones arrival and check-in.

The service of Review

Upon checking out, all users who have booked through our website, and stayed at their desired accommodation will receive an e-mail containing a form through which they can express their personal opinion on their stay at the facility and the quality of the accommodations provided.Users are solely responsible for the accuracy of their comments and, thereby, exempting Booking Hotel B&B on World from any liabilities or legal ramifications regarding their objectivity, accuracy, truthfulness, and reliability. AnAny client that uses Booking Hotel B&B on World automatically relinquishes their privacy rights to the information they divulge on this site and the release of this said ininformation, releasing Booking Hotel B&B on World from any claim that they should be held legally responsible as a result of the release of this information.

Users, therefore, remain solely responsible for all content gave to Booking Hotel B&B on World and the consequences that may arise from the release of the aforementioned information, freeing Booking Hotel B&B on World from all liabilities that third parties may claim against Booking Hotel B&B on World for texts sent by users in violation of their rights This is particularly valid for claims of a competitive or defamatory nature and/or claims based on copyright laws or other protected rights. If  Booking Hotel B&B on World  suffers financially or otherwise from claims brought against them as a result of the content supplied to/by Booking Hotel B&B on World, the user/users is automatically liable for any damages caused by said user/users claim/claims and must reimburse Booking Hotel B&B on World for all legal expenses and monetary loss incurred caused by any legal causes. You agree to support Booking Hotel B&B on World in its defence against claims of third parties. This includes the provision of necessary documentation.
All content published on Booking Hotel B&B on World is protected by the copyright law or any law that protects intellectual property. These rights remain the exclusive property of Booking Hotel B&B on World and of its licensors. Reproductions and/or publications, full or partial, of the content transmitted and/or published by Booking Hotel B&B on World for advertising purposes, for private or commercial use, will not be made without the prior written consent of Booking Hotel B&B on World.  
You have the right to save or print only parts of reviews, and evaluations of potential/selected facilities; or other content on Booking Hotel B&B on World for a private, non-commercial use. Contents themselves, legends or other related information should not in any way be modified, nor can reviews be transmitted to third parties by e-mail. Any further reproduction, distribution or publication of content without prior written consent of Booking Hotel B&B on World is forbidden.

View, delete or modify a reservation
All ones bookings can be viewed within ones account. All reservations can be cancelled before the deadline indicated by the facility. After the deadline you must directly contact the owners because only the property itself can decide whether or not to allow a cancellation free of charges, with the exception of the deposit paid at the time of booking which is non-refundable. The reservation is a contract between you and the facility, not between you and Booking Hotel B&B on World.
The user expressly exempts Booking Hotel B&B on World from any liability for cancellations due to illness, metrological conditions, strikes, or any other causes. Any expense incurred as a result of a cancellation will be sustained by the user, unless otherwise agreed upon by the user and the facility.
In case of a no show, without prior cancellation of the reservation, according to the terms and conditions established by the facility (specified before the completion of the booking itself), the structure has the right to charge your credit card the cost of the first night. The aforesaid terms and conditions will be stated in the confirmation e-mail of your reservation. Cancelling ones reservation will be possible by accessing ones account. Using this method, the reservation will be cancelled automatically and it will not be necessary to contact the facility directly.
Booking Hotel B&B on World does not accept cancellations via e-mail. Cancellations can occur only through the personal account in the manner stated above.
Booking Hotel B&B on World is not responsible for any penalties charged to the card credit by the facility if a cancellation is made in contrast to the terms and conditions. You can not change an existing booking made online. In this case you must cancel the entire reservation and make a new one.

Upon booking one can use a messaging service between users and facilities. You cannot use this Service for surveys, contests, chain letters, spam, advertisements, messages defamatory in nature, which harasses or threatens others, contains events, names, inappropriate material or violate intellectual property laws.
Do not place links or other means that spread viruses, Trojan horses, worms, corrupted files or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of the computer or property of another user. Furthermore, you cannot falsely enter e-mail addresses of others as the sender of the message.
You cannot place any information in the message that breaks Privacy Laws. In case of violation of any law or the terms and conditions of use, in case of immoral conduct, or for any other reason attributable to the user, Booking Hotel B&B on World
reserves the right to act in the appropriate court of law to claim any damages that might arise from such conduct. The users who utilize the messaging system on Booking Hotel B&B on World
are directly responsible for the content of such messages and will respond to any violation of the rights of third parties, freeing Booking Hotel B&B on World from any liability. Booking Hotel B&B on World reserves the right to defend itself against such claims.
Any legal expense incurred by Booking Hotel B&B on World
attributable to user misconduct will be reimbursed by said users. Furthermore, the user has to provide all necessary documentation to conduct any legal case.  

Terms and conditions, privacy and general terms and conditions
Below are summarized the terms and conditions which constitute the entire agreement between the user and Booking Hotel B&B on World
. So please read them carefully in the terms and conditions before using the booking service on line. By accessing Booking Hotel B&B on World the user consents and agrees to be bound to these legal terms and conditions. Booking Hotel B&B on World is not a travel agency, but a tool that enables secure and reliable facilities to utilize the web to acquire new customers and to allow said customers to book online in an instantaneous, fast and secure manner.
Each reservation request made on Booking on Hotel B&B World will be forwarded to the selected property.
Booking Hotel B&B on World assumes no responsibility with regard to data, information and images provided directly by the facilities themselves. Structures are solely responsible for managing the data entered and any responses to reservation requests. The use of the portal is at no cost to the users. When booking, users must insert complete personal information on booking form.
In this regard Booking Hotel B&B on World reserves the right to suspend or cancel users who provide incorrect or false information. The data with the registration form are required for activation of the booking service. This data is transmitted exclusively by natural persons or legal in any way connected to the service of booking online. All registered users are protected under Article 13 of Italian Law No. 196 of 2003. Controller processing and storage of data is the responsibility of Booking Hotel B&B on World. In this respect, information that Booking Hotel B&B on World authorized users send to the facility booked and the data collected at the time of booking are viewed to take note of the reservation. All data provided is protected by Secure Server that ensures security in the collection and preservation of data. In certain circumstances, when requested by a court or branch of government or justice, Booking Hotel B&B on World will be required to provide the personal data of its users. Proceed furthermore, to publish the data in its possession if, in good faith is deemed necessary and essential to protect their rights and their goods.
The data on hand for Booking Hotel B&B on World may occasionally be used to inform users of new features, services, offers and products. Some Ddata can be sent to the facilities belonging to Booking Hotel B&B on World on/ for statistic purposes. These statistics do not contain personally identifiable information.
All users agree and authorize Booking Hotel B&B on World to stop without notification requirements, the provision of reservation services online exempt Booking Hotel B&B on World on any technical problem that needs to stop, make difficult or prevent access to the reservation system. Booking Hotel B&B on World is exempt from any errors, updates or disruptions on our online booking system and errors, inaccuracies and availability of texts and information entered directly by the facilities.
One also agrees that Booking Hotel B&B on World is not responsible for damage or losses caused to your computer using the booking service online. Booking Hotel B&B on World is not liable for any damage or economic loss/other consequential use or inability to use the booking online service, let alone the costs necessary to find alternative accommodation caused by a booking system malfunction, as well as unauthorized access or improper use and alterations of information contained in the users account.
No responsibility can be recognized on service for errors in processing or transmitting data. Moreover, it is forbidden to transfer any data or information to other media without the express permission of Booking Hotel B&B On World.

Prices are established directly by the facilities.
Prices are per day and per room and may include one or more of the following options: accommodation only, bed and breakfast, half board or complete board

Multiple rooms/shared rooms (hostel type), the price will be expressed per person.

Prices generally include taxes and services.
However, in some countries customs apply. For example, for Italian facilities taxes are normally included in the price, with some exceptions. However in other places, like the United States, the price quoted is not inclusive of taxes. However, the amount of taxes, even in cases where they are included in the price quoted on site, may be subject to change and therefore may be estimation. The amount to be paid directly to the facility is indicated by the checklist of the reservation and the returned e-mail confirmation.

Rights and obligations covered in the agreement relate only to the customers that book and reserve an accommodation.  This agreement stipulates that States facilities are classified according to the criteria and regulations of that country.
The categories indicate the level of service offered, provided that the web pages contents are provided directly by the facility. Booking Hotel B&B on World is not responsible for the information entered directly by the facilities on their pages. Booking Hotel B&B on World will not be liable for damages resulting from failure to use the online booking system or by misuse by users. Booking Hotel B&B on World reserves the right to amend the Legal terms and conditions of said agreement without notice and without liability to users or third parties.
Users are therefore encouraged to check these conditions each time they use the online booking system. The terms and conditions are governed by Italian law. The user accepts that Italian jurisdiction exclusively will settle any disputes arising from the use of the booking system of
Booking Hotel B&B On World.

Agrigento - Caltanissetta - Catania - Enna - Messina - Palermo - Ragusa - Siracusa - Trapani - Cefalu - San Vito  Lo Capo - Taormina

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